XCritical: Fast and uninterrupted trading platform work

XCritical: Fast and uninterrupted trading platform work

The order response standard in the Forex industry is no more than 100 ms. If the execution of commands in the interface of the trading platform is delayed or, as many people say, “was frozen,” the broker very quickly will lose its clients. In such cases, traders at least want to change the trading terminal and, under the most undesirable scenario, may choose another broker who can provide better conditions to work in financial markets.

XCritical: Fast and uninterrupted trading platform work

What’s the XCritical Advantage?

One of the strategically important components for business, which Forex-broker can offer to its clients, is the availability of alternatives and choice of trading terminals. But sometimes, it is not the easiest task for the developer team. The integration of the XCritical solution with the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms makes it possible to satisfy the request of about 70-80% of Forex brokers oriented to professional traders.

At the same time, a high-quality Web-platform with the possibility of its expansion is another option that brokers demand. It allows:

  • facilitate entry into the industry for traders with little experience,
  • work only from the browser,
  • support several systems of traders’ training,
  • access to different regions and countries, taking into account the work features there.

XCritical offers the solution for a quick launch of the broker using the company’s standard set and gradual access to licensed terminals MT4/MT5 when the business is already beginning to pay off. Customer demand for such a system is very high.

The load on the servers that ensure the smooth operation of the trading system is not even. When the market is quiet, traders make few deals. In this case, there are no difficulties. However, the broker may have problems during periods of market volatility. E.g., on Fridays at the beginning of the US trading session, when trading volumes traditionally increase, or after the announcements of US Federal Reserve rates. Similar inconveniences occur in moments of instability in the cryptocurrency market when the volatility of almost all digital coins starts to skyrocket.

To ensure the stability of servers during peak load periods, the equipment has to be kept ready, and high capacity has to be maintained. However, much of the time, these resources will be idle. As a result, the cost-effectiveness is reduced.

XCritical: Fast and uninterrupted trading platform work

The XCritical trading platform is free of such defects. During the development process, qualitative expertise was carried out, which allowed the creation of an effective load management system. Brokers don’t have to pay for resources they don’t need right now. When required, the XCritical will dynamically increase power by using additional servers. This happens unnoticed by traders. When extra power is connecting the customer session is not interrupted. The terminal work is stable, and trade orders are executed without delay.

The XCritical trading platform provides traders with various tools, working with 500+ types of financial instruments in different regions. For each of them, there may be a different spread. Also, the system is easy to scale. XCritical set different spreads for all available accounts (Standard, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamond) and even individually for VIP clients. Changes depend on the business model of the Forex broker. Unchanged is only the stability and high-quality trading software.

Working with XCritical allows the broker to forget about the issue of trading platform performance and wasteful use of resources.

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